Friday, September 12, 2008

Wish me luck..

So, have you heard the promotion between Power 99 and Megabyte?

Well, usually, I would not just dig into promotions, as my older sister had thought me... LOL. Here is some history about my promotion phobia!

My parents ran a small mom and pop store when we were growing up. Naturally, we would get alot of promotional items such as shirts, hats, pens, towels, etc. I remember that Benson and Hedges towel that I really liked, but my sister told me if I was going to use that towel she would beat me up... LOL I also remember this Calrose rice promotion shirt, I liked it because it was bright yellow (hey, I think I was like 8 or 9 years old), but she told me that girls do not wear promotional shirts... LOL........ HA! so, there you have it, every attempt I had on promotional freebies was shut down..... either that or I would be beaten... he he he.. Well, as you guess, my promotional item phobia stuck, and therefore, I have never worn any other promotional shirt.....

Anyway, Megabyte had a promo about winning a laptop, so the kids wanted to stick a sticker on the car. Reluctantly, I agreed, especially after being right infront of the power 99 cruiser several times.

Yesterday was the last day for the power cruiser to get an entry into the raffle for the Acer laptop... this laptop would be great for my kids........ please, let me win it.. LOL

Guess what, we did win! LJ called out our car license plate yesterday afternoon, and my kids were screaming of excitement!

Hopefully, we will win that ACER laptop... for the kids.......

si, marianne

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