Friday, September 5, 2008


My daugher wrote a letter to the "Owner of CUC" on Saturday. I asked her if she wanted to publish her letter in the local paper's and she agreed. Yesterday, M. Variety featured her editorial, and today the tribune did also. It was completely her writings, unedited. For a 8 year old girl to be so upset about current issues that she took the time out to sit down a write a letter is just amazing. But, like mother like daughter. Only that I have chosen to stay out of the limelight these days. I used to always talk to the media, now, I just stay back and observe from the sidelines.

Fall is just around the corner. I was hoping to take a family trip somewhere this summer, but with kids starting school in August, we just never got to going somewhere. Anywhere.. LOL

My sister sent me several boxes yesterday, it was like Christmas! I was so glad to receive the boxes, it meant so much. Now, I really need to get on my butt and start sending her boxes from here too.. you know, sembe, achote, etc.

Anyway, life should be getting better in Saipan. The power situation is getting a tad bit better. We still have power outages, but they are much more tolerable now, or is it that we are used to it, which has decreased our living expectations and increased our tolerance level.

Have you ever visited the pawn shops lately? OMG, this weekend, Raymond and I decided to go pawn shop hunting, and for whatever reason I was dodging in and out of the car, because I did not really want to be seen getting in and or getting out of a pawn shop. Whatever! We saw some really nice stuff, but they must have been stolen, or their real and true owners, must be down on cash...whatever the case, they are worth visiting.

Hmm.. we had breakfast at the Hyatt Kili yesterday morning. They raised their breakfast price, it is no longer $14 but $20..... perhaps we will now be going elsewhere for breakfast, can't afford a $20 breakfast........ even if Raymond and I get 1/2 off because we have a club at hyatt card, it is still much more than what we were used to..

It has been raining this entire weekend. Must be somewhat good. The rain helps to cool down the concrete houses, which in turn does not make the temperature within the house so hot! It is also good because our water tanks have water, and therefore I got rid of those buckets of reserved water just to flush the toilet.. ha!

The weekend is here, and there is nothing going on this weekend! No parties to attend, no barbecue to go to... I guess that means, yours truly will be firing up the grill herself. LOL

The Public School System will open it's doors to local public schools on Monday. Oh boy, get ready for rush hour traffic!

I miss going to school... I am considering going back to get my doctorate's degree... yeah right! Unless someone can donate $$ for my tuition, otherwise I would be unable to get my doctorate's! Isar' salape! LOL

si, marianne

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