Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today's (09/24/08) obento
Yesterday was such an exhausting day! I am so drained out, I need a vacation!!
I woke up late this morning, therefore I did not have enough time to make my original menu.
The kids had steamed white rice, japanese style stirfry spaghetti noodle with hotdog (not yakisoba), Chasu pork (roast pork), hard boiled egg (shaped into a car for my son, and star for my daughter), my daughter had grilled cheese shaped into a flower, bear, and bunny. Both had a slice of hotdog ontop of their rice, which I did not photograph, and also had a furikake bottle, so they can sprinkle furikake over their rice when they are ready to eat. Because it is raining, I also sent them with a container of soup.
I did not have any time to make their obento look pretty, so I hope they are okay when they open their lunch boxes..

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Bridgett said...

My goodness, I would definitely be OK with those lunch boxes! Healthy, delicious and inviting! You have a wonderful blog and thanks so much for visiting mine!