Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday September 13!

Saturday was a day for me and the kids, we went around and looked at the stores!
I was looking for stuff for obento, but could not really find any.
We went to lunch at Moomin, in Garapan, behind Hard Rock Cafe! It is really reasonable! It looks small and cramped from the outside, but it is actually spatious inside! Check it out!
All lunches below are only $6 and iced tea is included!
Hot Beef soup (you have to ask for the rice to be in a separte bowl)
My son got the beef soup!
He also did not want me to take a photo of him! LOL

My daughter, miss photogenic as ever, always ready for a photo! LOL
She had Yakiniku!

Japanese pancake.... savory! But I do not think I would order it again!

Although it did match my craving for japanese otomaki! yummy!

YUMMY! and affordable!

si, marianne

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