Monday, September 15, 2008

Obento Crazy part II

So, here it is my, my obento items!
I told you, I am obento crazy!!

food picks and soy sauce bottles

Molds for onigiri (mini onigiri, bear/hearts/triangle/etc)
EGG molds, these are so cute!
Nori stamp, take a piece of sushi wrapper and insert it on the nori stamper.
You will have a face made out of nori, which can be used on the mini onigiri's! fun, fun, and fun!

The Hardware...

I do not have a photo of all of the japanese obento items that I ordered for Kiki.
The photo below is a container for sandwhich or onigiri sushi.
Utensil case for my son.. these are cute and neat, spoon and chopsticks all in one container! I got this one at .99cents Wholesale, upstairs.

These are the Alladin food thermos, I bought at Joeten.
They are great because it is a grab and go container, the cover has a handle! It is also great because it keeps my kids' food steaming hot, when it is lunch time! I just microwave the container for about 3 min prior to giving it to the kids!
They costs $28 each, but are worth it!

Now, these have been what my kids are using. They do not really like the Alladin container above! I bought these on ebay, they are called laptop lunches, and they cost about $35 for one, not including shipping! These are awesome and everything is included, water bottle, cutlery, etc. I would order more, but they are so expensive...

If you know of any store on Saipan that sells Obento items, please let me know~! I am going crazy about this stuff!
It is so fun! packing cute lunch/obento for my daughter! I spend about 90 min making their lunch. Although, I thought I would save money by making their lunch, looks like I am spending way more than I should, by going overboard with obento! But, call it therapy, call it relaxing, but I enjoy it!
si, marianne


Tamara said...

Cute stuff! Your onento craze is like my card/stamping craze..I can never have enough pretty paper or stamps..

nobu said...

Oh, you love bento.
I think bento is nice. because it is reasonable and healthy,ofcourse OISHII !!!!

Thanks for visiting to my blog!!!

Para i familiaku said...

Yes, Tammy! I believe you are correct! I was thinking about that! I consider it "food art!"
Fun, Fun and more fun!

nekonoai said...

We all go crazy over the gadgets! Everytime I see something new on Ichiban Kan's website, I have to use major willpower to not push the BUY button immediately. :D Plus I have something like 30+ boxes... Oy!

Hmm, this didn't give me an option for Name/Url like other sites do, but I do the "What are you eating!?!?" blog. ;)