Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh what a week!

Today is Saturday, it is also the final weekend of Summer for most school children in the CNMI. All Public School's are scheduled to open on Monday, September 8. I believe school's in the mainland open on Tuesday, Sept. 09. There was a letter to the editor from a mom who was concerned about her kids not having enough sleep the night before school, and she was urging PSS to delay school's another two more weeks, September 16.

You see, September 16 is a magical day. It is the day that CUC should be back on track with their power. This means that Agrekko would have already completed installing the new generators and transferring the power supply to our local power plants. This means that CUC says there should be no more power outages and or power rations after September 16. So, you see September 16 is a magical day. For me, I will just wait and see.

This week was good to me, I have accomplished alot of things both on my personal life and also professionaly. So much paper work that needed to clear off my table are now almost gone! LOL@ almost gone, like my english? ha!

I took my daughter to the clinic on Thurs and she has gained additional weight. I decided to start excercising with her, so this morning we went out for an early morning walk. In order to motivate her, I told her she can bring her puppy with her, and she woke up instantly! We got ready and went for a 45 minute walk. That was nice, ofcourse we got drenched not from sweat but from the rain!

I have to start taking photos again, perhaps on my next blog!

Enjoy the weekend! It is time to get the fire started and start the barbecue!

si, marianne

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