Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The NIGHT LIFE...........

Every evening our power gets turned off,
sometimes for two hours,
sometimes four hours,
sometimes shorter
sometimes longer!
Sometimes it gets turned on and turned off right away
Sometimes it gets turned off during night and on at day...
Oh Saipan how I miss the old you,
Not the CUC blues..
Oh Saipan, where are you at?
Why are you wearing such an ugly CUC hat?
Oh Saipan what did they do to you, how did your power crisis become so unbearable,
it is so hot at night, it is so intolerable!
Oh Saipan your children are suffering,
school is delayed because of power cost,
didn't you once say that education shouldn't be lost...
or that education should not be in the middle of debate,
on whether the power could be turned on and fully restored by September eight!
to be continued.......
We went up to the third floor of my mom's building, set an old comforter down, and layed down to watch the stars and the moon.... It would have been nice if there was some silent moment in there somewhere, but to the left and right of us we here generators!
Saturday Night.......

The NIGHT LIFE...........
Anyway, Kiki was practicing her violin...
Raymond was trying to read a book....... candle light, CUC style

I was unable to take a picture of the stars, but all in all, it was a nice "cool" evening outside!
atleast until it started to rain.........

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