Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Have you noticed that breakfast prices are overly priced at Shirley's? OMG, it now can cost almost $9 for a decent breakfast plate. Anyway, Skyway cafe in San Vicente is very reasonable. $6 for what they call the skyway special, which is an omelette with eggs, bacon, red and green bell peppers, mushroom, sprouts, etc. It tastes delicious, and comes with coffee! For $6 that is a good deal on Saipan.

The only bad part about Skyway Cafe is the lack of ventilation. Serioulsy, I think I'd rather pay a bit more and go to a restaurant that has proper ventilation system, where when I walk out my shirt does not smell like a restaurant. The service at Skyway is inconsistent. Sometimes the waitress are friendly and sometimes they are not. Sometimes the food is served in reasonable time, and sometimes the food takes for ever. It does not matter if there are other people waiting for food or if you are the only customer, the service changes.
Skyway special = $6, includs iced tea or coffee

Ham and cheese omelette, $5.50 includes iced tea or coffeeThis was the dinner last night. I did not take photos of the other orders. This is tofu seafood ramen from Mitsue Restaurant in Oleai (Morgen Building, across Oleai Beach Bar and Grill). The service there is great if Nell is around, otherwise, I prefer not going. This restauant also has ventilation issues. Otherwise the food is tasty, and reasonable.

Tofu Seafood Ramen = $4.00

Moomin for lunch is delicious. Service is always good, and their is really good ventilation.
This is Korean style bibimbab (vegetables over rice). DELICIOUS!
$6.00 with iced tea.


nobu said...

That omelette looks delicious.
Is that rice fried rice?

Para i familiaku said...

Yes, the omelette had fried rice. It is yummy.

rh said...
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rh said...

I love your food posts. It makes me hungry and homesick.

Para i familiaku said...

Hi rh, thank you very much for visiting my blog! Come often!
Let me know if there are any particular food photos you are looking for and or recipes, and I will do my best to get it!