Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday life

My son has asked my mom to be in charge of picking up and dropping customers on Saturday's.
Well, since my son cannot drive, he has officially "volunteered" my Saturday's...?!
All this... just to get a tip!!
This is how it works out:
My son gets tips.
I get enjoyment out of seeing my son speaking Japanese! basic conversation only.
He has been taking Japanese courses for about 4 months now!
In fact, he heads off on a student exchange next month to Japan, and he is excited about it!

Folks visiting and looking at my dad's monument site at the Grotto, Saipan. My son gets extra thrilled about telling people, specifically Japanese customers on who his grandpa was!
Here is my boy..working hard and enjoying it.

These were his customers last Saturday, and he definately
impressed them everytime he conversed in Japanese!

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