Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My mom said both my daughter and I needed to loose weight,
so she took us to Subway for lunch
My daughter could not stick that sandwich in her mouth, so stuffed with veggies.

First, I have to load up my sandwich with yummy jalapenos.

Am I really having a sandwich?


AFTER SUBWAY, she took us to the farm, to eat, REAL FOOD! LOL, talk about DIET!
My uncle going for the best dish in the house, fish kelaguin, it was extra spicy parrot fish kelaguin, yummy.

Barbecue Chicken, farm style... LOL Everybody thought someone would bring the barbecue chicken, and in the end no one did, so we made a fast run to the store and bought a case of chicken and some salt and pepper.... I usually do not really like salt and pepper chicken but damn that was yummy.... deliciouso!

Notice how I was the indian and those around me were the supervisors... he he he

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