Friday, May 23, 2008


One of my pet peeve's is the amount of ILLEGAL PARKING on Garapan, specifically Hotel Street. Palms Street and Beach Road are the most common place where you will find illegally parked cars.
Come on, what are we doing about them? During the evenings, you have cars parked on both lanes. Are these Parking's? or are they ROADWAYS? I get so frustrated about this when I have to pull out and wait for another oncoming car to use the "narrowed" roadway because some idiot decided to park right on the roadway. Extremely convenient for those that are parking, and for the developers that developed the land without considering parking space. Now customers decide to use a public roadway for parking, and the worst thing is that cops are not doing anything about it. This burns me up all the time.
So let's start issuing tickets and start raking in the much needed revenue, illegal parked cars would make for alot of towed vehicles which can later be auctioned off or used in the government fleet if the owner doesn't pay the towing and storage fees. Those caught parking their vehicles illegally will have to pay a citation fee, which again goes into the government coffers.
Check out the white car on the photo, it is even parked against the traffic. ONLY in SAIPAN.
Only in Saipan can you park on the roadway and not get a ticket
Only in Saipan can you park against traffic and not get a ticket
Only in Saipan can you park without paying any fee (except seaport and or airport)
Let's do something about this!