Saturday, May 17, 2008

So many things to do today!

Today is such a busy day, so many "sale" events going on. Hey man, with this economy having me hold on to my greens, I end up waiting for a customer appreciation sale before I make a big purchase! Today, Ace and Joeten both have a sale.. woohoo.

Also, the employee's of Bank Pacific are having a car wash at McDonalds on Middle Road for about $5, where can you beat that price?

Tonight is another Saturday for the Taste of the Marianas, I can't wait to go. Today is also the March against cancer at Hopwood Elementary School. I am a member of the Marriage Encounter Team.

Today is full of errands and shopping. Thank goodness my husband is working today so that I can purchase the items I want at ACE Hardware. I mean, out of all things, I actually dream of the ACE hardware customer appreciation sale.. LOL see how deprived I am from the mega shopping malls they have in the mainland? In fact, I never even stepped into an ACE hardware store in the mainland. The only hardware store I visit is Loewes and Home Depot. I think they have banned me there though since I maxed out my charge cards... he he he...

Oh well, I will update this blog tomorrow, I do plan on getting some tan, as if I am not dark enough.. LOL but it has been a while since we actually hit the beach. Time to get my kids there share of the sand and sun, plus some yummy barbecue, perhaps at Kilili beach or somewhere.

I hope you all enjoy your day! HAPPY SABALU.. speaking of, it is Sabalu Market day today.

Next week will the Saipan Agricultural Fair where everyone gets the chance to see local farm animals.

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Tamara said...

This sounds a lot like my Saturday...Hectic! And the Sale at Joeten was crazyyyyy busy...I think everyone is watching their expenses and taking advantages of the sales now a days...Before, If i saw that many people, I would say "forget it" but yesterday I braved the crowds to get my $15.99 case of chicken..he he..

Now Im off to get my own slice of sunshine! Happy Sunday!