Thursday, May 15, 2008

So, I just jumped in to this blogging site, really inexperienced! But I "think" I am going to enjoy this.. LOL expressing my thoughts and ideas to who knows who.... LOL

So, let me explain the reasoning for my blog name of "Taotao Tasi" My father, the late Captain Vicente Manglona Concepcion, aka "Capt. Ben or Ben-Ki" was a true "Taotao Tasi". He loved the ocean and everything about it, he practiced sustainable laws way before laws and fishing regulations were ever in place. He promoted diving and found 90% of the famous dive spots tourist enjoy today. The government recognized my father's contributions and erected a monument for him at the Grotto, which was unveiled on my father's supposedly 58th birthday if he was still alive (he passed away at the age of 56). So, there it is, that is why I attributed my page to Taotao Tasi. Taotao Tasi means "people of the ocean".

I will post up some photos of my beloved daddy later this week...

Thank you all for viewing my blog!!!

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