Friday, May 16, 2008


Here is my mom's boy. His name is Toru'. My dad used to call my son toru! Toru is the name for a male cow or a male goat. I used to wonder if my dad called my son toru because he smelled like a male cow after a day of playing in the sun.... he he he just kidding. He called my son toru because he was his strong boy, his strong boy that was jumping all over the place. Anyway, this is the total opposite, this Toru' is a rottweiler, but eats CAT FOOD, talk about a disgrace to the rottweiler community. We love him anyway, this is one spoiled dog, and one happy dog.

Here is a photo of my husband and my son, Raymond Jr. However, we have never called him by his real name, but yet called him Me'Mong. Actually, I have called him by his real name, when he is in trouble! My 11 year old son is turning to be a typical teenager. His mouth can talk back within seconds after you tell him a chore, and when I ask him to do something he pretends he doesn't hear you, yet when it is time to give him money he is like right next to you, literally within seconds, no matter how far away he is. KIDS! LOL...

My daughter "Baby Ki" and her "babe". My daughter never called her dad, "dad or daddy" My husband and I were laughing one day when she was about seven months old or so and she heard me calling my husband "babe" and so she called him "babe", she still does this, I think it is cute, but my mom always gets mad and when my mom gets her alone time with my daughter she says for her to call him dad... it is so funny. So, my mom's name is Ki, and walla, my daughter is named "baby ki". I always joke to my family that I am kissing up to my mom for inheritance... he he he. just kidding.

Here we are at Truongs Restaurant, can you say Yummy!!

Here is a loving photo of me and my hubby, at one of my favorite restaurants' Capricciosa. I love the pumpkin pie at Cappriciossa it is so 'delicio-so' :) My mom loves the seafood spaghetti and the quatro formazzio pizza.... but sometimes she deprives me of my pumpkin pie, tells me I need to diet.... yet, she always calls me for breakfast, lunch and dinner... aii lokui... he he he

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