Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey, I think I am doing pretty good, today is only my second full day of blogging and this would be my third blog for today.... WOOHOO!! Hope none of you get too tired.

So, one more thing I need to nail down is how to get my photos on my blogsite, because boy do I have PHOTO's.. he he he.. Why did I decide to blog you ask? Well, I think my kids are too tired of listening to me, and I need somewhere to express my thoughts! LOL... I share so much information with my husband, but there are times I can tell he just wants to shut me up.... LOL it is so funny the look on his face, but he is such a good husband he just listens to me, while he chews his beetle nut!! I learned to make sure that that beetle nut bag is always full so that he can listen to all my daily events..... LOL.. kidding kidding kidding.

Anyway, the day is going by pretty fast, aren't you amazed at how early the sun rises and how late the sun sets? I find myself crawling out of bed earlier because the sun is shining through my bedroom window. Who says I need an alarm clock? In fact, now that CUC is so expensive, I just have to cut back on my electricity consuming alarm clock and go with the good old fashion sunlight!! He he he... only, it would sound pretty weird if I miss an important meeting and tell my boss, "sorry boss, the sun did not work this morning".. LOL... (replace the word sun with alarm clock!)

Okay, so today is Thursday, the fourth day of the week, oops, it is actually the fifth day of the week if you are counting calendar week instead of work week, as for me, I look forward to FRIDAY's where I can savor the moments with family at home.

A quick poll around the office says CUC is the CNMI's biggest problem right now, and I think everyone agrees. Although there are certainly other problems that are tickling the community. As for me, let's settle with the issue of CUC.... who ever came out with the slaying of Chamorro's using candle light? that is sort of a bit of an insult for me, but then I am proud to be a chamorro so I take offense very easily. Another funny and crazy commercial is the one we hear on the radio, advertising for phone cards. These commercials market chamorro's like we are plain old dum.. but we are not! I think that it is such a big joke around here, it has come to be a marketing tool. Granted, Malafunkshion from Guam is very well known to take everyday conversation into comedy. I admit some of them are extremely hilarious.

So, perhaps this would be my final blog for the day, and I promise to upload some photos tomorrow.

si, marianne

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Congratulations on your new blog!