Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hafa Adai everyone! I am sorry for not updating the site, it has been crazy!

So, we had our final viewing for our good friend Grande Nonan last night and then we brought him to the aiport for his final departure back home. It is really sad to see a good friend return home that way.

As we prayed the nightly rosary and celebrated the holy mass, there were some anger and frustration from me, because I could not believe that we have not found a suspect or suspect(s). I wanted to promise my friend that I would help him find his killer, but I just could not make a promise that even I myself doubted. Perhaps I have watched too much of the show "24 Hours" under A&E. Perhaps it was frustration kicking in because ten days later, still no leads.

I sat there stared at my friend in his casket and asked myself, how could someone run over a person and just leave the scened. Could you be too drunk to not even know what you did the night before, or could you be too drunk that you thought you hit a tree or something. There are times when I ask Grande to scare his assailant, and then there are times when I say "God will take care of it".

Grande was a "jack of all trades" as Father Jesse expressed during his homily. Grande also helped everyone in my family, to include the extended family members. From bush-cutting their lawns to helping with other chores. It was a shame to see such a good man's life end that way.

If you know of a gray or champagne color SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle, example: Pathfinder, 4 runner, Exterra, Expedition, Explorer, Montero, Rav4, etc) with damages to the front portion of the vehicle, especially if those damages occurred on Sunday, May 4th, please contact the police and or Crime Stoppers at 234-7272 (PARA). A reward up to $1,000 will be paid to the informant.

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